IRATA International

A guide to taking your Level 3 Technician Theory Exam

Welcome to the demo IRATA International Level 3 Technician Theory Exam.

This guide is best completed on a desktop or tablet but will work on a mobile. You may need to turn your phone to landscape to use some of the smaller features.

The demo exam has been created to help you familiarise yourself with the Level 3 Technician Theory Exam in advance of completing the exam at your assessment. You will learn about:

  • the details of the exam (number of questions, time limit etc.);
  • how to access the exam on your assessment day;
  • the question types that appear in the exam;
  • how the questions are presented;
  • how the questions should be answered;
  • the appearance of the demo questions that you can try here are similar to the questions in the exam at your assessment.


This blue box will contain information to help you complete the task.

To navigate throughout this demo exam, use the navigation buttons in this box.

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